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Home Violin Sizing
Home Violin Sizing
Please measure your child from the middle of the left shoulder (where the neck meets the shoulder) to the center of the left palm with the arm stretched straight out in front. This measurement will tell you what size violin you need. I have provided a chart of measurements below for your comparison. It is better to get a violin that is a little smaller rather than too big. If it is too big, it is hard to handle and can discourage practice/play.

1/32: 13.5" to 14" (1-3 yr old)
1/16: 14" to 15.5" (3-5 yr old)
1/10: 15.5" to 17" (3-5 yr old)
1/8: 17.1" to 17.5" (3-5 yr old)
1/4: 17.6" to 20" (4-7 yr old)
1/2: 20.1" to 22" (6-10 yr old)
3/4: 22" to 23.5" (9-11 yr old)
4/4" 23.5" and up (9 to Adult)

Even if the child is left handed, most teachers will teach them to play a right-handed violin. If you look at an orchestra, all the violins are pointing the same way. If you have a left handed violin in the group, their bow would hit their neighbor. We have usually only sold a left-handed violin to a small child because they have a deformity on their left hand and cannot finger the notes. You can always ask the teacher if they want them to play a left or a right handed violin. Lefties are generally better with a right-handed violin because they finger the strings with the left and bow with the right. With the dominant hand doing most of the work, they do well with a right-handed violin. Please ask the teacher and let us know if you have any other questions.
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