About Us

USA Music Supply has been providing wholesale quality instruments to over 250,000 satisfied customers since 1999.  Products are changed and added based on customer demand and requests.

Stocked instruments ship within one business day upon an order receipt and payment confirmation.

Our instruments come with a 14-day satisfaction guarantee and manufacturer’s warranty. (See the Warranties tab for details.)

The staff at USA Music Supply is involved in all aspects of instrument engineering and design, keeping in constant contact with our factories.  Our superior quality instruments are manufactured and serialized under the following registered brands:


  • Helmke:  Violins & Violas
  • Bonetti:  Accordions & Concertinas
  • E.F. Durand:  Brass & Woodwinds
  • Santini:  Percussion


While you have many Internet options for purchasing instruments, USA Music Supply has worked with select suppliers for many years assuring instrument quality and design is maintained year after year.  Compare the sound, design, quality, cost and service of our instruments with any other suppliers and USA Music Supply will come out on top.  Our satisfied customer reviews will verify our value and quality.   

If you are considering an on-line purchase of a musical instrument and have any questions, please give us a call toll-free at 1-877-878-5877 or send us an email at info@usamusicsupply.com.