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Im a professional trombonist and these guys are super! Great Value and Fast Shp - Selman Brass Rotary Bass Trumpet

A+, item as described, decent violin for the price, fast shipping, thanks!!! - High Quality Helmke 5 String 4/4 Violin

Good construction and fun to play; outstanding value for the price - E.F. Durand Silver Mini Pocket Trumpet

Much more than I expected out of a cheaper horn!!! plays great! A+++++++++ - E.F. Durand Nic/Gold Soprano Saxophone

Great product great price, great service - E.F. Durand Brass Herald Trumpet (this customer bought 6 Herald Trumpets!)

Good solid well made. I have been playing it for a week all is good. - E.F. Durand Nickel Tenor Saxophone

French horn is grate kid loves playing it and i hace a very excited 11 year old - E.F. Durand Brass F Key French Horn

Absolutely beautiful. A lot of fun to play. I definitely got what I paid for!!!! - 30 Button Bonetti White Pearl Concertina Accordion

The quality of the concertina is exactly what I was hoping it would be! Thanks! - 20 Button Bonetti White Pearl Concertina Accordion

Thank you very much plays and sounds great !!! - E.F. Durand Brass Marching Band Mellophone

Great sound, build quality, and price. Will definitely buy more instruments. - Brass 3 + 1 Valve Bb Baritone Euphonium

The quality of these instruments is very good and the shipment is excellent - Hand Made New Helmke Viotti 1/10 Size Child Violin

My nephew loves his French Horn! Thank you so much. Great Sellers!!! - New E.F. Durand Brass F Key French Horn

Awesome product!! fast shipping and super seller. A+++ - New E.F. Durand Double Bass Drum Pedal

Purchased with them before and love this store! - E.F. Durand Nic/Gold Alto Saxophone

100% Satisfied - quick and easy and the product is perfectly as advertised. - Red Bonetti 34 Key Piano 72 Bass Accordion

Great accordion my husband love it AAAAAA++ WILL BUY AGAIN SOON - Tex Mex 3 Switch Diatonic Button Accordion EAD

Exactly as Described! Sexy, Smooth Pedals I Rock Now! I'd Kiss You... If I Could - New E.F. Durand Left Double Bass Drum Pedal

Great transaction - item was exactly as described and arrived in perfect shape. - E.F. Durand Bb Silver Cornet

Oh my- are we ever pleased with this purchase. Really great sound. FAB item!!! - New Santini Natural Finish Bongo Drum Set with Stand

We as parents are highly satisfied and so is our son with his new instrument. - E.F. Durand Brass Bb/F Double French Horn

What a great value. My nephew is thrilled. Thanks! - E.F. Durand Bb Trumpet School Quality

Excellent product super fast shipping 110% satisfied - New Helmke Birds Eye Maple 4/4 Violin

Great Horn: Especially for price. Love this horn. i wasn't sure about the quality for such a low price, but i am extremely surprised!!! play this horn everyday!! New Selman C Trumpet

Fantastic. Just received my euphonium.  Took it out and started playing it.  Great tone, easy range from bottom to top.  Don't be afraid to buy a Durand instrument, you ill be pleased. Tom. New Nickel 4 Valve Bb Euphonium

Fantastic. Just received my Herald Trumpet.  Tone is fantastic, better than my Olds trumpet.  I am completely satisfied with this purchase.  I plan on buying another trumpet.  Don't let the price scare you off.  It is worth it. Tom. E.F. Durand Herald Trumpet

Great! My orchestra teacher was impressed I got such great quality at a low price! I am extremely happy with my 16" viola.

Very good instrument at best buy! Just curious about those good reviews so we bought this violin for my daughter Mirielle.  Her teacher says violin and the case look like pro and the violin sounds better than her old violin.  Very happy buyer!!!  Will recommend this to friends. Helmke Viotti 1/4 Size Childs Violin Set

Arpeggio Percussion Brass Band: We have two horns (Marching Euphonium) and plan to buy more. Very satisfied with the quality, intonation and the instrument in general.

Awesome deal!: I just bought two of these violin outfits and they are way beyond expectations (Helmke Viotti 1/4 Antique Violin). The quality and workmanship is unbelievable in this price range. I will be back when we out grow these! Thank you for providing good instruments at good prices.

Wowsie nice Cornet!: This is a beautiful horn that has a really nice, mellow and well centered sound (E.F. Durand Brass Cornet).  The case is great and comes well packaged.  The horn only accepts traditional cornet mouthpieces, so don't expect trumpet mouthpieces to fit.  All traditional cornet mouthpieces will fit giving you a wide range of flexibility in playing.  You just can't beat this horn for the price!

Has the playing quality of a $6,000 French Horn. The E.F. Durand Wagner Horn is built very well and sounds in tune. It is flexible and it only takes the average player about five minutes to reach the full range of the horn. My only problem is that it is in Bb/F not F/Bb. Fingerings are otherwise the same.

great : got many compliments on my 16" viola...nice quality and a big uncle has been playing violin..viola...bass...etc for over 40 yrs and he was impressed...!!!!!!!!!

Nice Trumpet and Great Service: I received the Durand pocket trumpet yesterday. I didn't expect much for the price I paid, but boy, was I surprised! This little baby has a nice center of tone and overall a great projecting voice. The slides needed oiled, but the valves are great. Overall, this is a wonderful instrument that is worth far more than I paid. Thank you for the fast shipping as well. I'll be back!

Excellent!: Ordered this (E.F. Durand Nickel Bb/F Double French Horn) for my son who is in 7th grade and it is great! First rate quality and sound! VERY pleased with the product and the whole process!  I wish we had gone here first instead of buying one from the music man at school!



I purchased a viola from this company and it is a wonderful instrument. My music teacher, who is a professional musician, loves the sound and that it is almost always in tune. I play in the New York Late Starters String Orchestra and some of the other musicians are also impressed with my viola. See youtube video. I am in the back in the middle, standing with a blue shirt, playing my wonderful viola. We played in Central Park, NYC for Make Music.

The violin that we recently purchased from USA Music Supply exceeded our expectations! For a 1/2 size, the sound is fantastic. My son's violin teacher was so impressed with the quality of the violin and the case that she asked for the link to where I purchased it. I highly recommend USA Music Supply! I will definitely buy from them again and will spread the word to others.

Thank you, USA Music Supply, for your excellent service with delivering my new Bonetti Concertina. I'm so excited to play it. It's beautiful!

Thank you USA Music Supply for providing left handed violins. All 3 of them have been great. For any amputee players Amputee Kids on Facebook has some wonderful information.

I recently received my new Selman C trumpet and flugelhorn from you folks. I couldn't be happier with the quality of these horns and the great value they represent. They are in-tune, well made and sound good:)

I got a 3/4 left handed violin from you guys. I just wanna say one thing: you guys RULE!

This company is 5 STARS in my book. I have purchased two trombones and I just love the quality of the horns, and I especially love the price. I recommend this company to all the parents of kids who play brass in our school band. I plan to purchse additional instruments because the prices are so affordable I feel I can experiment and learn another instrument for myself. Thanks so much, Jeff - Minneapolis, MN

I can not say enough good things about this company. From their service, the product, and the people were all very attentive to my needs. I love my new horn and I could not be happier.

Hi I just wanted to thank you so much for the Viola I had bought recently from your e-bay store. I'm really grateful that you make the effort to sell very good quality instruments at such a decent price. Thank you for being so considerate with how you price your products, it is such a hassle to spending a good amount on money on just the instrument itself, but I consider myself very fortunate that I friend referred me to your site for affordable prices. Not only that, but it holds true that you do give more than what other sellers typically offer :D I hope Im not taking up your time, but I really wanted to let you know how I felt about buying this. Especially since the feedback doesnt give me much space to fully express how much I appreciate the efforts done to sell beautiful instruments and other stuff like this at the generous amount you are placing them for. Thank you for everything, and may you continue to be known as a top rated seller for the thoughtfulness you put into your work

USA Music Supply FeedBack

Really nice product. Great service - Hand Made New Helmke Viotti 1/2 Size Child Violin Set

Great product!! Exactly as described, Thanks!! - New Red 3 Switch Diatonic Button Accordion GCF

I was extremely satisfied with these strings. Good quality, great price. - Brand Name New 3/4 Upright Double Bass Strings Set

Same great service and quality I'veI had before. My third instrument from them - New Brass Tenor F Trigger Trombone w/ Tune Slide

Outstanding Instrument A Great Deal For The Price (School Band Director) Great!! - Hand Made New 2011 Helmke Viotti 16" Viola Set

Wow!!! Wow!!! What a violin for the price. Great Seller!!! - Helmke Viotti 5 String Flame Back 4/4 Violin Free Tuner

My vioiln came in fast and the violin is amazing! overall very good service! - New Helmke Viotti Glossy 4/4 Size Violin Set

Excellent to deal with!!! Very happy with product. - New Morelli Concertina Accordion Purple w/ Black & Case

insanely well built, equal to anything 3x the price. thank you! - New Left Double Drum Bass Pedal Drum Set Pedals

Nice accordion! Great Deal! Fast Shipping! Thanks! - New Zydeco Cajun Accordion Button Box C w/Warranty

A++ Seller!! Very fast shipping! excellent bass trombone for the price!! - New Nickel Bb/F/Eb & Bb/F/D/Gb Tune Slide Trombone

Wonderful instrument! Shipping was quick and on time. I would buy again! THX :) - New Selman Nickel Bb Trumpet w/ Slide Trigger

received item as described AAA+++ seller, fast shipping !!! - New 2011 Black African Bongo Drum Set Drums

Extremely fast shipping, very helpful with questions, highly recommended! - New 120 Bass Accordion Piano 13 Switch Red w/Warranty

Great item! Has proven it's quality now with my 10 year old in Band! Thanks!! - New Red & Gold Alto Saxophone School Quality

Great horn! Good Sound! Free Shipping and on TIME!!! Thank You!! - New Brass Tenor F Trigger Trombone w/ Tune Slide

Excellent top - tight, even grain. Very good sound and fit! Excellent deal. - New Helmke Birds Eye Maple 4/4 Violin w/Free Tuner